Tanu Weds Manu again?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 12 -- Soon after Tanu Weds Manu netted in Rs 10 crores in the first three days despite releasing during the ICC World Cup, rumours of its makers considering a sequel are already making rounds. Incidentally, the film will show the marital life of Kangna Ranaut and R Madhavan.

Kangna declines to confirm saying that director Aanand Rai would be the best person to talk about it. However, on being told that Madhavan is looking forward to starring in the sequel, Kangna, who's committed to do another movie with him, agrees that the post-wedding scenario could be the perfect idea for a sequel. "On returning to US, Manu will realise what a 'toofani' (stormy) girl he's married. The story could revolve around battle of the sexes. We could even call it, Tanu Versus Manu," she says. "We've seen too many love stories on screen and none of them have anything interesting about the lives of the lead pair once they walk off into the sunset."

Recalling her conversations with friends about marriage, the actor reveals that most of them talk about the adjustments they have to make. "Agreed that two people who are truly, madly and deeply in love marry because they want to spend the rest of their lives together. But often the real test comes when they start living together. They need to be flexible and immensely patient to handle each other's shortcomings," she explains. "I'm sure the battle of sexes would make for an interesting sequel. Especially because Tanu and Manu are so unlike each other."

The romcom's director confesses that while making a love story, one never thinks of the larger idea. "I thought I was through with the film, but I now realise that the characters come to a point where we can see their life post marriage," he says. On being told that Kangna suggested they title the sequel Tanu Versus Manu, Rai says he'd rather call it Tanu Weds Manu Again, before adding that he won't go ahead with the sequel until he's completely satisfied with the script as he doesn't want Tanu and Manu to die of boredom.

"I've already begun exploring how far they can go to make the audience happy. Must say I'm enjoying the pressure to take their story further," says the director who doesn't want to enjoy the success of the first film till he's certain the sequel will turn out better.