Tannu learns to laundry, finally!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 31 -- Oi oi, what is this I'm hearing now? A khabru has just texted me to say that Tanushree Dutta, who's in the US currently, is mighty proud to have learnt to do her own laundry. Huh? And I thought she had gone there for a month-long workshop in acting!

Anyway, my khabru defends Tannu, saying she had confessed that she still has a few things to learn in life.... And driving and using the laundry machine were two most basic things she had to know, to survive in a place without any domestic help.

Guess she had enough time to master using a washing machine and is now relaxed that she doesn't have to shop for more clothes because of her drawback. Seems she had been trying hard to overcome this handicap for five years and has just about managed it now. Tsk tsk.