In-talks with producer of Mumbai 10


By IndiaFM

IndiaFM brings you the second part of the interview with Niyati Sengupta-Shah, the producer of Mumbai 10.

What are the parameters under which you chose your directors?
Parameters are very simple. We have chosen the directors who have been making good and interesting cinema that appeals to the class of an audience.

What’s going to be your next project?
We have about three projects in the pipeline, which I wouldn’t want to speak about, at this moment. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, that ‘White Cloud Productions’ will always come up with interesting cinema. These projects will be announced, once Mumbai 10 is released. Were there any apprehensions from any of the filmmakers?
People in the industry think that these directors are difficult to work with, which is totally wrong. We had a fantastic time as a production house to work with all these directors because they are so realistic and since the entire film is shot at real locations of Bombay, there are no sets involved. Overall, it was a fantastic experience working with all of them.

When will these films hit the theaters and are these films made for the multiplexes’ audience?
The film will be releasing by some time during late January next year. It is a universal film, which will appeal to not only the multiplex audiences, but also the single screen audiences. Like I said, the directors have gone ahead and have revealed the hidden truth of Bombay. So, in that way, it caters to every class of Bombay.

Lastly, which has been the most touching film that has actually made you sit up and take notice?
I am so very confused. I love Revathi’s film; I think that Anurag’s film is fantastic, so on, and so forth. It is a very difficult question to answer; every film has its own appeal and each film stands out as a gem. One cannot point out at any one particular film. All I can say is that every film is fantastic and a must-watch film.