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Author: Vikas Hotwani

If not in her personal life, professionally Lara Dutta is hoping for

certain changes

We all know that there's a new found friendship between Salman Khan

and Govinda. While praises and more praises may be doing the rounds

from both ends, we caught up with Lara Dutta, who revealed more about

her co-stars in David Dhawan's upcoming comedy 'Partner'.

While Salman seems to have found one more fan in Lara, who affirms

that the Khan surely does have a 'heart of gold', Govinda on the other hand

seems to have done away with his 'late as ever' tag with the film. "Many

have this conception that Govinda is never on time and that he makes

everyone wait. However, I had a completely different experience. In fact,

on the first day of the shoot, both Salman and Govinda were on the sets an

hour early. It was quite funny. It seemed as if they were trying to prove a

point," laughs Lara.

The movie has Lara playing an intrusive journalist, who makes life

difficult for ones around her. However, Lara seems to understand her role

a little too well, courtesy the media glare that follows her. "Dealing with

journalists on an everyday basis did help. I understand that being intrusive

is a part of a journalist's job. They also have deadlines to meet," observes

Though Lara maybe under the media scanner due to her alleged rift with

long-standing boyfriend Kelly Dorjee; she steers clear of all possible

queries. "I would be lying if I say that probing doesn't bother me at all.

However, most of the times, I guess you learn to deal with it," she says.
Meanwhile, her career seems to be on a roll as she claims that directors are

taking her 'seriously' after 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' even though the movie

registered unimpressive collections. "The film didn't do as well as

expected. I guess it just didn't click with the audiences. However, as far I

am concerned, I learned a lot," explains Lara who fails to understand the

industry's 'paradoxical perception' of glamour. "While someone with a high

glam quotient may get good roles, the meaty chunk always goes to

someone with the girl-next-door looks. This is an irony that I haven't been

able to understand till date," she says.

Coming back to co-star Salman, Lara says fondly, "You need to work

with Salman Khan to know what kind of a person he is.

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