Tags don’t bother me: Emraan Hashmi



Actor Emraan Hashmi says he’s tired of being cast in erotic romantic films and wants to try his hand at new kinds of films. “I want to step out of my comfort zone. For how long can you do one kind of film?” he asks. “It is not only to do with my image; I want audiences to know what I’m capable
of,” says the 34-year old, who is all excited about his latest release, Ghanchakkar.

Ask him how the serial kisser tag has affected him and he says, “To be honest, I keep my private and professional life apart completely. I am apathetic to these tags and they don’t bother me. Having said that, doing films which were erotic and different was more a risk seen by others than it was for me.”

And while he may not be bothered about tags, he agrees, it must be a task for his wife, Parveen, to accept it. “She is undoubtedly my biggest support system. Hats off to her because it is not easy to be married to a man who has a serial kisser tag.”