Tabu for the Oscars!


By Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM

It's confirmed. Mira Nair is all set to push Tabu's name for an Oscar

nomination this year. Says a source close to the project, "Mira is definitely

going to project Tabu as a potential best actress at the Oscars. Though

Irrfan Khan is as good, if not better the focus of Mira's Oscar campaign

for her masterly study of the Indian diaspora is likely to be predominantly


Continues the source, "Irrfan is excellent. But he lacks what the Americans

are looking for in their Oscars recipe. Tabu is exotic, glamorous and

mysterious. This is her first real exposure to the Western audience. And

they're lapping up her utterly –butterly Bengali act, thick accent and all. On

top of that she's also wowing the westerners with her performance in

Cheeni Kum."

Will Tabu be the first Indian actor to win an Oscar? "Why not?" says

Mira's creative compatriot Deepa Mehta. "She's amazingly good, on a par

with any of her Western counterparts."

Six years ago Deepa had offered Tabu the lead in her richly lauded Water.

The deal fell apart. A lot of global cineastes feel Mira's Namesake would

do for Tabu what Deepa's Water couldn’t. Tabu herself remains supremely

indifferent to recognition, at home or abroad.