The Swimwear Acts of year 2008!


By Satish Sundaresan Bollywood Hungama News Network

"It takes a strong woman to swim against the current; any dead fish will float with it"

The above mentioned quotes truly suit the topic that has left everyone gasping not just for breath but also for asking for more! We are indeed talking about the Bolly's lollies who strutted their voluptuous bods to come out clean (quite literally) out of the blessed waters, in their envious swimwears!

Bollywood Hungama gets purposely nostalgic and rewinds its memories to touch upon the actresses who inspired us to write this piece that's aptly titled as 'The Swimwear Acts of 2008'. Though we highly appreciate the efforts taken by each of the Bollywood hotties to don the swimwear onscreen, we have ranked them on the basis of their 'Hotness Quotient.' Considering the fact that we are mere mortals and that your opinion on the rankings might differ from ours, as our beloved surfers, you are most welcome to rank the actresses in the comments section below.

Hansika Motwani in Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

She takes to water the way ink takes to a pen
For she is none other than Bollywood's' Honey Hansika at 10!

This child actress-turned-heroine Hansika, who was one of the scene stealers in Koi Mil Gaya, was back in the news the whole of last year with her full-fledged heroine's role in Aap Ka Suroor, in which she was paired opposite Himesh Reshammiya, nonetheless! This year, all that she did was to emerge out of the waters (literally) in the forgettable flick Money Hai Tho Honey Hai, in a swim suit, even though her swim in Bollywood this year did neither suit nor shoot the Box-Office collections!

Sameer Reddy in Race

For us, a sea food lunch with this hottie will be just fine
Friends, presenting Sameera Reddy Race-ing her way at 9!

Here is one helluva' of a girl, who after having waited for long for someone to blow the whistle and shout 'Reddy steady go', did win the 'Race' early this year with her swim suit act opposite the 'Never say old' actor Anil Kapoor! Even though the film went onto to be one of the early hits of the year 2008, Sameera still has to find her place under the Bollywood sun! By the way, this chic' really deserves hordes of brownie points for her real-life cat of resisting the unjust big daddies by offering shelter for many homeless children.

Ameesha in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

We no longer can hold, we no longer can wait,
To see Thoda Water Poori Hotter babe Ameesha at 8!

She didn't just drop a bombshell by dropping her surname; she also dropped her inhibitions by sporting a swimsuit in the box-office disaster Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. Even though the film ducked at the box-office, Ameesha's performance in the film emerged unscathed and untouched by the critics' swords and words!

Mallika Sherawat in Ugly Aur Pagli

She's someone whose mere smile will make you experience heaven,
Put your hands together for Mallika Sherawat who's at 7!

And here comes Madame M....Mallika Sherawat! Before the good news, let's tell you the sad news first. The news is that, even though the whole of 2008 saw many a top slot heroines and even wannabes in their 'bikini-cious' best, Madame M was sorely missed and how! But, guys do not fret for she is THE Mallika Sherawat! So what if the beaches and swimming pools were over crowded, Madame M chose to not just write her own rules but also walk her own path! For the deprived lot, relief came in the form of Sachin Khot's debut film Ugly Aur Pagli. Even though the film's shoot did not have a swimsuit to suit Madame's persona', she still left the audiences gasping for breath with her dressed to thrill and kill kind of dress! The irony of this scene was that even though it was Mallika who had dressed in this swimsuit, it had the audiences floating in water!

Celina Jaitly in Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

Whenever life puts you in a tight spot or a fix,
Look at brighter side of life remembering the curvaceous Celina at 6!

For starters, Celina Jaitly is that special someone, looking at whom, not just the toughest of glaciers melt down, but also the hardest of the rocks crumble like a pack of cookies... all in her honour!

Even though MHTHH did not do wonders at the Box-Office, what surely grabbed our attention was her bikini act in the film. It's as if Celina has mastered the act of sliding herself into the bikini comfortably and carrying it with loads of style and elegance. She just keeps getting better at it with every passing film. Something's we never get enough of!

Shilpa Shetty in Dostana

Humans lose their way home; the way bees lose the way to their hive
When they look at the Bouncing Shilpa Shetty, who is at 5!

Since the time she made her debut in the smash hit Baazigar, this 'Miss Long Legs' has been in the news for some reason or the other. Lately, it's been her 'Big Brother' episode, her 'power-packed' yoga DVDs or her scintillating swimwear show in Dostana-the massive hit of 2008, with which this girl has surely 'bounced' her way to the top! Even though Miss Shetty was seen in a special appearance in Dostana in the 'Shut Up And Bounce' track, her presence doubled up as a neatly packaged present to all the cine goers! And for those who complained that they really do not know the real reason behind this film being such a monster hit, now you have the 'long' answer!

Minissha Lamba in Kidnap

We are sure that, a mere glance at her and your dil will maange more,
For she's Minissha Lamba...Kidnap-ing your eyeballs at 4!

They say that big surprises come in small packages. If we had it our way, then, we would have surely rephrased the same as 'Big surprise comes in Mini(ssha) packages', courtesy her jaw-drooping and jaw-dropping swimsuit act in the much-publicized film Kidnap. The film just did not live up to what was expected of it, but it did make everyone take notice of Minissha's dare-bare bit! Her emerging out of the ice-cold water in her hot white bikini was quite a steamy combination! Way to go, Minissha!

Mugdha Godse in Fashion

They say 'Nothing in the world is free',
We say, 'Who cares! As far as we get even a glimpse of the Fashion-able Mugdha at 3!

It's not that everyday that you get to become the 'show-stopper' of your debut film itself! But Bollywood's latest sweetheart Mugdha Godse, dared to defy this saying with her true-to-thou bikini act in the smash hit film Fashion, directed by none other than Mr. 'Reality' himself: Madhur Bhandarkar! Bollywood heroines generally have huge inhibitions to shed their clothes in their debut film, but Mugdha not just dared to be different, but also, gave a true-to-life performance in Fashion. Proof of which can be seen in the swimsuit round that got prime rotation amongst the prime channels!

Priyanka Chopra in Dostana

Whenever she goes out to shop, everybody shout 'Me Too Me Too"
We are indeed talking about the 'Friendly' Priyanka Chopra who's at 2!

For those who went to see Dostana to check out the double whammy jodi of the happy and gay couple of John-Abhishek...were actually in for a double whammy of the 'other kind'. It was in the form of the swimsuit act by Dostana's leading lady Priyanka Chopra! The actress flaunted her toned body like never before. And surely made everyone stand up and take notice of her 'Golden Swimwear'.

Kareena Kapoor in Tashan

Now, it's the time to crown the Numero Uno,
Friends, put your hands together for the Size-Zeroed and Tashan-able Kareena Kapoor (as if you didn't know!)

Let's confess that we did become a victim of the saying 'Keeping the best for the last'. How else will you justify of us talking about the 'skin-tillating' Kareena Kapoor, who, not just justified, but also glorified the art of flaunting a bikini in the much-publicized film Tashan. It was indeed sad to see the film fall down with a thud, with the same velocity it was hyped to the skies! Needless to say that, Kareena rocked in many ways than one, including her Size Zero act and the 'eye-candylicious' swimsuit do! You really rocked the scene, Bebo!