Sushmita Sen: Worth the weight...


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Dec. 1 -- Good morning chocolate donuts! It's a rather hot day today. I'm sweating as if it's May and not November. Gosh! Crazy figuring out clothes for the day because I can't say for sure if the night's going to be cool or hot or lukewarm or whatever. I hate this weather! ‘’

Anyway, Sher Lock Holmes has entered my little pink room with a broad smile on his face. He says he's found that Sushmita Sen, who has been missing in action for some time now, is planning to resurface soon. The producer of a small budget movie called Bhindi Bazaar has offered Sush baby a meaty role in a film titled Ek Phool.

The actor loves her role in the movie but there is an element of doubt whether she will take it up or not. Now, before you think there is money involved in this, let me tell you that is not the case. She has been asked to put on weight on her body, and she is pretty skeptical about that.

She's required to put on at least 10 kilos. Considering that she's no longer in her 20s, she, I'm told, is worried that her body, once it puts on the weight, may not lose it easily. Hmm, we'll weight and watch! Haha!