Sushmita Sen with her girls only!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 14 -- Good morning roasted pistachios! I don't know what happens to me on weekends that I don't even feel like lifting a finger; forget doing any other work. Khair, one more day and then, I am switching off. I need a break from all these jasoos types na! Anyway, before I get down to making plans for my one-day break, let me share some masaledaar gossip with you, without any further delays.

For starters, Sher Lock Holmes has fed my ears with news about Sushmita Sen. The former Miss Universe, who is currently working extremely hard on re-starting her production company with new actors, directors and scripts, and is often found in the company of different male friends each time she makes a public appearance, will be walking the ramp at the upcoming India Kids Fashion Week in the city.

No, she's not strutting the ramp in her bachpan ka clothes or disguised as a baccha. Instead, she will, for the first time, take to the ramp with her daughters, the little Alicia and the quite grown up, Renee. Needless to say the trio will be in designer wear and their show will be one of the most-looked-forward-to shows for the day.

The actor has started rehearsing for her ramp appearance, which happens towards the last leg of the month. Why so soon? Because she has a really tiny daughter who needs a lot of practice and Momma Sen will not let her daughters perform badly on stage. Really, maa ho to aisi!