Suresh and Vernon Group wins India’s Got Talent 3


By Hindustan Times

India’s Got Talent winded up last night, and the Suresh and Vernon Group was adjudged the winners by public voting via SMS. The duo had participated in the show last year as part of the Fictitious Group, and were the third runners up.

Says Suresh, “Last year, we had done very little publicity. This time around, we concentrated on promotions in a big way. We put up banners and hoardings, and did rallies to gain public support. I’m sure we got majority of the votes from our area.” The group consisted of 30 participants from the Virar, Vasai, Nalasopara belt who trained at the Fictitious Dance Academy in the area.

“Although we have won Rs 50 lakh, we must have easily spent about 15 lakh on just these promotions. Another R 1 lakh must have been spent on food and accommodation, as all 30 of us stayed in a hotel for a month. And at the moment, I am clueless how to spend the remaining amount that we get after tax deductions,” adds Suresh.

Shah Rukh Khan, who was part of the finale, also participated in a dance sequence. Says Vernon, “Shah Rukh just standing among our group was a big honour for us. He said he had hoped we would win. He was very supportive and spoke from his heart.” Suresh (23) and Vernon (21) are currently planning to have bigger celebrations once they get back home. Says Vernan, “We always though we would come 2nd or 3rd. We still can’t believe we have won. We will now go in our area and probably do another rally to thank all the people who’ve supported us.”