Suraiya took an oath to throw me out of her mind - Dev Anand


By IndiaFM

“I was in seventh heaven. We were now engaged! I longed for her, more and more; but I did not hear from her. Our filming episodes with each other were over, and there was no way we could meet. Days turned into weeks and there was no news from her. No written note, no call, no message. I checked with Divecha, and he promised for find out. But this time he was not allowed into their house. The granny shut the door on his face, saying, 'We are not welcoming even the best of our friends for reasons we need not divulge.' But he too became inquisitive, and being a reliable information gatherer, very close to the gossiping tongues of the film industry, he soon found out that there was a severe rift in Suraiya's family, nobody taking her side on the issue of her personal emotional involvement expect her mother. If she chose to go against the wished of the family, either she would be eliminated, or the granny would kill herself. Apparently, Suraiya had wept and wept and finally yielded to the pressure mounting on her.
They prevailed upon her. She took a solemn oath to throw me completely out of her mind. Later, as an act of desperate frustration, she took the ring I sent her to the seaside, and looking at it for the last time, with all the love she had in her for me, threw it far into the sea, to sing songs about romance to the rising and falling tides.

Divecha was sad and sympathetic as he narrated all this. Then he philosophized, 'Shakespeare will be reborn to give your tragic love story immorality in another play that will beat his own Romeo and Juliet'.

My heart sank, and my whole world shattered. There was no meaning to existence without her. But than not living meant killing myself, which would be a negation of all that my inner strength stood for. Finally, I ended up crying on the shoulder of my brother Chetan, who knew the extent of my involvement with Suraiya. He consoled me and said, 'This episode will only make you stronger, more mature, to fight bigger battles later.'

I looked across to the distant horizon. The evening sun that was still aglow threw the special ray it reserved for me in my direction. It brightened my face anew. I kept looking at it, as my brother continued, 'Life teaches its own lessons at every step, chapter by chapter. This chapter is closed for you forever, and you must start a new one.'”

The above excerpts are taken from the book - Romancing with Life published by Penguin Viking