Superstar and Greek God Hrithik Roshan says OK! magazine


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

"My Dad has been the best Dad ever" flashes the headlines on the cover-story about the one and only Superstar and Greek God that Bollywood has ever seen: Hrithik Roshan! It is this same Superstar who looks the look and talks the talk in the latest edition of OK! India.

First things first... the cover of the issue is something that is worth giving your life for... in other words...its worth dying for! Words fall short to describe the look that Hrithik dons on the cover. If that wasn't enough, the inside pages of the issue seem like the unfurling of the dream called 'Hrithik'! Hrithik, in his own words, talks about diverse topics like what it means to be voted as India's Sexiest Dad, his bonding as a father with his sons, personality traits that his sons have inherited from him. Not just that, he also talks about who is a stricter parent: him or Suzanne, the change that fatherhood brought to him, his take on jittery Fridays (and if they exist in his dictionary) etc... etc... etc...

All in all, simply say OK! to Hrithik and his verbal lollies in the latest edition of OK! India.