Sunny Leone seduces Arunoday Singh in new Jism 2 song, Darta Hoon

By Hindustan Times

With every new song, Pooja Bhatt, the director of the erotic Jism 2, is scaling newer heights of on-screen sex appeal, visually delightful love-making and to a great extent- some good music, too.

In the newly released song, Darta Hoon, which is sung, written and composed by the Pakistani band Rushk, the art of quick seduction is the theme.

The entire song has a metal genre sound to it. It starts with an electric guitar riff, that builds up the anticipation for what is coming next.

In the video, Sunny Leone is entering a night club and looking around, when she spots the dashing and suited Arunoday Singh.

Sunny Leone, dressed in a blood red dress, with rather bold cuts to boast t