Sunny Leone confirmed for Jism 2


By Hindustan Times

Porn star and reality TV sensation Sunny Leone has finally signed Jism 2 after much speculation. And, she is coming to Delhi in March to shoot the film.

“It can now be yelled from the rooftop that Jism 2 is Sunny Leone and Sunny Leone is Jism 2. I took a long time to finalise the lead because somewhere something didn’t feel right. And then I found her in my backyard while watching TV,” says the movie’s director, Pooja Bhatt.

SunnyPooja also confirms the speculation that Leone plays a Delhi girl in the film. “Yes, Sunny belongs to Delhi in the film. Her roots, in real life are also from that part of the country (North India). We will be shooting in Delhi and then in Jaipur. She is playing a girl who is just out of University. There is a phase of blossoming romance in the film and what better place than Delhi to shoot it!” says Bhatt.

She is now looking for two male leads for the film. “One is going to be young and one will be in his early 40s.” Sunny is also working on her Hindi for the film. “We are sending her the dialogues in advance. She says that she is sleeping, eating and breathing Hindi.”

Ask her how much Leone is being paid and Bhatt says, “Most people think it’s distasteful to talk about the human body; I think it’s distasteful to talk about cash.”

Sunny says in a statement, “It was only after I heard the story that I really agreed to the character they wanted me to play.”