Sunny Deol copies Johnny Depp!


By Hindustan Times

The first look of Sunny Deol starrer Bhaiyaji Superhit was released recently. The actor is playing a gangster in the movie. Interestingly, Sunny's look as well as his clothes in the picture are inspired by none other than Johnny Depp. The Hollywood actor sported the same look for a magazine
photoshoot, reports Mid Day.

Director Neerraj Pathak admitted the movie's first look is actually inspired by Depp. "We all get inspired by different things but in the end acting toh apna Sunny hee kar raha hai. I was working with my team for three to four months. I had already done a photo shoot with Sunny wearing a kurta, jeans and jacket and that look was already locked. But because he plays a rich gangster in the film, I thought of making him a bit royal," the director told the tabloid.

But if you look at the picture closely, it appears that the photograph may have been morphed. On being faced with the question, the directed denies the pic is a morphed one.

"No, that is only the body language, wahan baithen Sunny Deol hee hai," the director was quoted by the tabloid.

The scarf, the shirt, the jeans and the tattoo on the right arm of both the pics look exactly the same.

Check out the collage and compare yourself: