Sunil Shetty announces his next film 'V'


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Its reunion time for old friends Sunil Shetty and Sanjay Khanna. It's been almost after 7 years that they will be coming together, the last time being in the film Ittefaq.

Director Sanjay, who had been missing from the Bollywood scene, because he was busy, doing ad films, has been offered a film for Popcorn Entertainment by Sunil Shetty!

Khanna said that they (Sunil and he) are indeed working on a film called V, which is about five friends. It will be an action film with the underworld as a backdrop. While Sanjay Kumar and Iqbal Raj have written the script, the rest of the casting is still in progress. Sunil, meanwhile went on record to say how talented is his friend and that he has been made the creative director of Popcorn Entertainment, which will have him handle all the post production work from cutting promos to planning out the music videos.

Meanwhile, the businessman in Sunil simply refuses to take rest, as he is now planning to make a film studio, (a la Nitin Desai?) on the Panvel highway. Sunil says that he planned for this studio in an attempt to help him in cost cutting and also as a real estate investment. This studio will be constructed near the famous Nishiland Water Park. It's also said that he is looking out for an art director who will design the studio.