Sunaina Roshan: 'It feels good to be an inspiration'


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Feb. 27 – A leading women's magazine in the country has decided to come up with an I Believe Collector's Edition, where they will compile the 11 most inspiring cover stories they have done since its inception almost 30 years ago.

And Hrithik Roshan's sister, Sunaina, seems to have found a place on the list. We've been informed that Sunaina's life story (specifically, her battle against cervical cancer) has been one of the most widely read cover stories in the magazine.

A source says, "Sunaina was chosen from almost 350 cover features. Her story of courage, resilience and never-say-die spirit is a must-read."

Ask Sunaina about this and she says, "It feels good that people have thought of me as an inspiration. The struggle I've faced and the battle I've fought, I believe every woman can too." Ask her what brother Hrithik has to say about this honour and she tells us, "Duggu is equally happy and so are my parents. They are all so proud of me. They've all seen me throughout (the cancer battle) and have been my pillars of strength. Having my story as a part of this is an achievement on its own. It feels good to be an inspiration."