Sukhwinder to sing 'Kawa kawa...' at CWG closing ceremony


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 26 -- Sukhwinder Singh has been approached to sing 'Kawa kawa...', his hit song from Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding, in the entertainment section at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in the capital on October 14. The singer admits that when he was approached, he assumed that CWG was a private association or club and wasn't too keen. "But when I realised that it was the Commonwealth Games, I was honoured. I'm glad though that they've asked for a tried-and-tested song so there's no chance of my six-minute act being panned," he says, tongue-firmly-in-cheek.

Tell him that AR Rahman is expected to perform the Oscar winning 'Jai ho...' during the opening ceremony of the Games and he says, "Really? That's news to me. Rahman is a genius and a trendsetter. So despite all the criticism, I'm sure his CWG anthem, 'Swagatham...' will eventually work out well."

On the subject of 'Kawa kawa...' he recalls that as a child, he would fly kites and get exasperated by the crows who would get entangled in the threads and result in their kites cutting loose. "Whenever that would happen, we would sing, 'Kawa, kawa...'" Singh says.

Later, he came across a folk song, 'Rabba rabba meen barsa, sadi kothi dane pe...' to which he added the words 'Kawa kawa...' and crafted the Monsoon Wedding chartbuster. "Since I was late delivering the song, I was confronted with an angry Mira Nair on our first meeting," he smiles.

In another two weeks, Singh will be back, centrestage, with 'Kawa kawa...' and hopes that like the crow that soars high up in the skies, our sportspersons will keep the Indian tri-colour flying high through the Games. He says, "I'd have liked to sing, 'Chak De! India...' too but I guess, that wouldn't be politically correct with players from different countries around."