Sujoy Ghosh is upset with Zee TV


By IndiaFM

Just recently there were murmurs around how Sujoy Ghosh was unhappy about Zee TV's new children's show having 'Alladin' in their title. On being asked if this is true, Sujoy, the producer and director of the film says, "Absolutely. I am highly upset about this and will go all out to make sure that they change their title. They do claim that their show is called 'Alladin: Jaanbaaz Ek, Jalwe Anek' but do you see anything other than 'Alladin' in their promotional material? Everything else is just in the fine print. Sorry, not happening."

Continuing in a slightly agitated tone Sujoy makes his point, "The title is registered under my name for both television and film and ZEE is not authorized to use it. You work so hard for years to get your product in place and the last thing you want is some other party coming out with a product carrying the same name."
But his film would release only in 2008. Why does he have to worry about a television show hampering his film by any means? Also, in any case there have been countless shows/comic strips/animation films already made on the legendary characters!

Explains Sujoy, "It's not just about whether there have been multiple instances of 'Alladin' being created and recreated in different formats. It's a matter of how one system has been established and how we all are required to adhere to it. There is a system which clearly says that if a title has been registered by one party, it can't be used by another. You can't play around with the game by having some prefixes or suffixes enabling small alterations in the title. If this was the case then we may as well not have a system at all."

"I am going to fight till the end. There is a certain investment which has gone in Aladin And The Mystery Of The Lamp; certain vision which makes it different from the rest of it's ilk. I have worked hard over all these years to create something that has never been seen in Indian cinema. I want my audience to associate Aladin… with that. I don't want one stupid mistake in someone else's product damage the prospects of my film in any ways", he signs off!