Sudden resurgence of Euphoria!


By Hindustan Times

Last year, around this time, musician Palash Sen had long foreseen his band Euphoria’s imminent break up. But within just a year, soon after the April change in line-up, things took a drastic turn. The nine-piece Hindi rock act is in the city this week to record its fifth studio album, and is currently working on a rockumentary and a bunch of collaborations. Also in the offing is an 18-city US tour during summer.

Sen attributes the sudden upsurge in activity primarily to the ‘young guys’ he got on board. “It took us one jam to get into the younger mindset and come up with a new sound. We’ve incorporated that in the new album while still maintaining our eclectic musical base,” Sen says.

Still untitled, the album will deal with family issues, the changing values of society and how money has become indispensable in today’s times. Palash SenSen believes it’s important for a band to revisit its roots, and that’s what they’re doing on the album. To add a special touch to the songs, Sen has recorded them in different studios so the acoustics, ambience and vibe differ. “We now have a rawer approach. The basic songs were made three years back, but the final touches were given only now,” he adds.

Besides that, the band also re-released an old song, Dilli meri jaan, for the Commonwealth Games last year, which Sen feels has become a theme song for the city. And soon after, in November, the band went on a three-city US tour and composed the soundtrack to Malayalam film Best Of Luck. “On tour, musician Leonard Cohen told us that he was a big fan of our music. Bollywood might have never lent us support, but we want to prove to people that India needs non-film music too,” Sen says.

The band now plans to have both a digital and physical launch for their album. And having recently made their Facebook page official, Sen wants to promote the songs just as much on the Web. “We’re going to release the songs at a go and follow it up with videos. The songs will be available in stores and also online,” Sen adds.

The rockumentary is currently under production, and will chronicle the journey of the band across 10-15 minute webisodes. “They might be low on production value, but the project is a precursor to a bigger rockumentary with better sound, lighting and cameras. The episodes show me talking about the band,” Sen adds.

Their future plans include a song with Avial guitar player Rex and a project called Aman Ki Asha with Pakistani rock band Strings.

“Irrespective of whether we come up with albums in the future, one thing fans can rest assured about is the fact that Euphoria gigs will never end,” Sen says.