Success saga!

By Bollywood Hungama News Network

We can breathe easy! JODHAA AKBAR, the first major release of 2008, has fetched impressive numbers at major centres across India, faring exceptionally well in Overseas.

Let's not compare JODHAA AKBAR with either OM SHANTI OM or WELCOME. Here's why…

* The genres are different. OM SHANTI OM tilted more towards comedy, while WELCOME was a non-stop laugh-riot. Both were mass-friendly films. JODHAA AKBAR is a historical and generally speaking, history is not everybody's favorite subject.

* The release period was different. OM SHANTI OM opened during Diwali, while WELCOME was timed during Christmas vacations. JODHAA AKBAR didn't coincide with any festivities.

* In India, OM SHANTI OM was released at multiplexes and single screens at one go. WELCOME had a Friday noon release at multiplexes. JODHAA AKBAR lost out on