Statistics prove wide gap between OSO & Saawariya


By IndiaFM

‘Om Shanti Om’ v/s ‘Saawariya’
‘Saawariya’ v/s ‘Om Shanti Om’

A battle has reached the war zone. And one always thought that movies were means of entertainment!

Entertainment it surely is, especially with Diwali weekend promising to bring millions of Bollywood lovers into theaters. Still, even with the cry of battle resonating to deafening degrees, it is difficult to ignore the talks amongst one and all speculating, deciding and even passing judgments around: Which movie should one watch first?

Which movie is going to be the better of two?

Whether one or both the movies may turn out to be a damp squib?

Which movie would provide wholesome entertainment?

Which film would warrant repeat viewing?

Which of the three debutants, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor, would make most impression?

Whether Shahrukh Khan would make mincemeat out of the newcomers?

Whether Farah Khan’s ‘masala’ offering would upstage Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cinematic vision?

Which movie would see a wider theatrical release?

Which movie would take a bigger box office opening?

Which movie would eventually turn out to be the bigger box office earner?

etc. etc.

Number of questions. All speculative answers. No one outside the makers and their closed associates has seen any of the two films. No one would see them till the makers want them to. Still, everyone is having his/her own opinion.

Opinions, which are based on promos, trade talks, newspaper columns, celebrity interviews, office cubicle talks, local train hustle-bustle, idle coffee shop conversations, kitty parties, blogs. The list is endless. The talks centered only on one topic - OSO v/s Saawariya.

With an aim of putting all speculations to rest, we at IndiaFM bring to you bare facts and figures based on 3 vital parameters –

Awareness and Popularity

Fan following

Web pages/videos

Of course, these facts and figures are based on information as collected from the world of web; hence one can expect that the indications would be primarily for urban centers. However, this is what matters when one talks money because urban centers are where the multiplexes are and multiplexes are where the moolah is! Of course the single screens in B and C centers matter too but the percentage contribution is relatively smaller!

So tighten your seat belts as we take you through a journey that lays down raw facts, as verifiable on internet, and indicates which way is the tide turning!

Awareness and Popularity

Let’s begin with the trends that MOVIEmeter at (The Internet Movie Database) have to indicate. (MOVIEmeter rankings provide a snapshot of what movies – worldwide - are hot i.e. they invite high level of public awareness and/or interest in the title or person. #1 on MOVIEmeter means that the movie is hottest)

As per the week beginning 28th October 2007, ‘Om Shanti Om’ is ranked #1288 on the MOVIEmeter. On the other hand ‘Saawariya’ stands far behind at #2313; almost double the ranking of ‘Om Shanti Om’. Clearly, ‘Om Shanti Om’ is far ahead in the race here when it comes to sheer public awareness/popularity.

If one looks at a global quarterly jump (August, September, October) for both the films, ‘Om Shanti Om’ has jumped by 72% from #4630 to #1288. ‘Saawariya’ follows a similar patter too (though the numbers are on a lower side) with it’s rating jumping by 69% from #7512 to #2313.

However, a starting fact comes to the forefront when one digs deeper down into the data available. As per that, in the month of October, popularity of ‘Saawariya’ has gone down with ‘Om Shanti Om’ seeing a journey up. Numbers clearly indicate that while ‘Saawariya’ fell by 17% from it’s 7th October ranking of #1979 to #2313 on 28th October, ‘Om Shanti Om’ took a positive route by moving up from #1548 on 7th October to #1288 on 28th October – an increase by 17%! A completely inverse trend (of an equal degree) for both the films here!

While these comparisons were from the film perspective, even the STARmeter at the site indicates an extremely wide gap. Though it is unfair to actually compare the newcomers with Shahrukh Khan, from sheer statistical interest, Ranbir Kapoor (#6555) and Sonam Kapoor (#6541) are leagues behind Shahrukh Khan (#890).

Though no one challenged this equation even before the numbers were disclosed, the fact remains that on a day of clash, this adds to the parameters which would eventually make a difference to the box office prospects of the two films.

Fan following

Let’s talk about the fan following now. And to be fair to the newcomers, let’s leave aside Shahrukh Khan here since he has been on the scene for close to two decades. Though, as stated earlier, all this counts, but let’s do away with obvious facts and instead focus on parameters which are comparable.

So where does Deepika Padukone fan following stand when compared to Sonam Kapoor, another debutant? A search at Orkut Community ( reveals that Sonam’s on-the-internet popularity stands at bare 28% of Deepika. While Sonam has 69 communities dedicated to her, Deepika stands tall (no pun intended) at a whopping 247!

There is a huge gap even if one looks at the number of members in Top-3 communities of Deepika and Sonam. While Deepika fans cumulate 29492 in number, Sonam stands at 19513, a clear 33% behind.

Web pages/videos

Besides the popularity and fan following of the movies as well the actors, another important parameter to be kept into consideration is ‘>web pages’ dedicated to the films on the internet.

Yet again, a quick search on and indicates a gap between ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Saawariya’, though it is not as huge as some of the numbers above.

On Google, there are as many as 1,800,000 news web pages dedicated to ‘Om Shanti Om’ whereas ‘Saawariya’ is behind at 1,580,000, a difference of 12%. At Yahoo, the gap is a relatively wider (23%) with 2,230,000 news web pages for ‘Om Shanti Om’ against 1,580,000 for ‘Saawariya’.

When one looks at the search patterns/trends at Google for both the films, ‘Om Shanti Om’ leads at all the centers, both overseas and India, whether it is A, B or a C center. A quick pattern check at the website shows that ‘Om Shanti Om’ is far ahead in India, Pakistan and UAE with as much margin as in Indian centers like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Bhopal.


To summarize, if one clearly goes by the trends as stated by hard facts and figures, statistically ‘Om Shanti Om’ is ahead on all counts in comparison to ‘Saawariya’. Of course ultimately it will be 9th November which would matter most as the knock-out round would commence. This is when ‘janta-janardhan’ would stand up as a referee and blow the whistle after the first show is through, but if one tries to ask a viewer ‘what’s on your mind’, the answer clearly leads to ‘Om Shanti Om’!

Number’s game

2 times is the MOVIEmeter ranking of ‘Om Shanti Om’ over ‘Saawariya’
17% is the October month jump in popularity for ‘Om Shanti Om’
17% is the October month fall in popularity for ‘Saawariya’
23% lesser are web pages dedicated to ‘Saawariya’ when mapped against ‘Om Shanti Om
28% lesser is Sonam’s web popularity when mapped against Deepika
33% lesser are Sonam’s web fans when mapped against Deepika
40% lesser are videos dedicated to ‘Saawariya’ on Youtube when mapped against ‘Om Shanti Om’
69% is the Aug-Oct quarter jump in popularity for ‘Saawariya’
72% is the Aug-Oct quarter jump in popularity for ‘Om Shanti Om’
69 communities are dedicated to Sonam on Orkut
247 communities are dedicated to Deepika on Orkut
890 is Shahrukh Khan’s MOVIEmeter ranking
6541 is Sonam Kapoor’s MOVIEmeter ranking
6555 is Ranbir Kapoor’s MOVIEmeter ranking
1,580,000 news web pages dedicated to ‘Saawariya’ through Yahoo search
2,230,000 news web pages dedicated to ‘Om Shanti Om’ through Yahoo search