Stars speak through 'Sign' Language


By Satish S, Bollywood Hungama News Network

They say that your 'Signature' is basically the 'Sign' of your 'Nature', which can be unfolded using the art of 'Graphology'. For starters, Graphology is an art of science, with which one can predict the A to Z about a person's nature. And when we say A to Z, we mean one's Attitude, Behavior, Mindset, Influences, Preferences, Tendencies etc.

Bollywood Hungama brings to you, in a 2-part series, a super selection of signatures of the people who ride and rule Bollywood: its very own stars! And to do the honors, we have got Mumbai's leading graphologist, Harmohan Singh Batra, who spared his precious time in analyzing the star's signatures and revealing to us what they (the stars) are made up of and what they really are!

Over to you, Batra saab.

Sanjay Dutt

* Needs much sympathy

* Tries to help and support others by going an extra mile and also out of his way

* Invites problems related to spouse and then tries to solve, which eventually, he succeeds in

* Somewhere, there's a very heavy compromise in his professional life and personal relationships too

Salman Khan

* A confused type of personality

* Full of stress and oppositions

* Ups and downs are regular features in personal and professional front

* Highly misunderstood man, but a child at heart

Sushmita Sen

* Loves to accept the responsibilities

* Intelligent, focused and also a minute observer

* Good helping hand and sympathetic by nature

Urmila Matondkar

* Very friendly by nature and acceptingly shoulders all responsibilities

* Has good ideas but the final encashment is not up to the mark

* Knows how to be attractive and is an attention seeker

* Somewhere, she is confused in life and a small mistake may damage her well-earned and achieved profile. She really needs to be careful about her career decisions.


* Regular prayers and a religious attitude and atmosphere in his surroundings has helped him immensely to reach a stage that's being enjoyed by him till now.

* Some link is missing to maintain his till date achieved status and the downfall stage is already on its way

Amitabh Bachchan

* A highly highlighted career

* Achievements both at personal and professional levels but with some set backs at both the fronts

* Health should be taken care of, specially of the heart and stomach

* Should be careful from the sweet talkers in and around him