Stage shows a way of partying with fans: Shah Rukh

Dubai, Oct 24 (IANS) It's not for the money or the fame that Shah Rukh Khan does stage shows, but to get up close and party with his fans.

“These shows are not a show of talent or some amazing skill that you possess. This is our way of partying with people who have shared so much love and happiness with us,” Shah Rukh Khan said in the course of a media interaction here ahead of his Temptation Reloaded stage show scheduled for Saturday night.

“I have been working for 21 years and I don’t really get the opportunity to thank each of my fans personally,” he said.

“I am old now,” he continued, “and it is quite difficult to do live shows. Some days, I get up and I say I don’t really have to do this. It is not for the money, not for the fame any more.”

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