SS Rajamouli: 'I was going to scrap the film'

By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Oct. 15 -- He thought of making it as a minimal budget movie with an expenditure of not exceeding R3 crore, made it for over R30 crore and it has already grossed over R130 cr so far in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

But did you know that director SS Rajamouli was going to put the project in a bin? "I had never done animation and after about seven months of production, when I saw the initial work, I was so disappointed and frustrated that I was going to scrap the film. But then I realised that we had already spent R10 crore on it so far, so I couldn't have put so much money to waste," Rajamouli, 39, told us while he was in the Capital to promote the Hindi version of the film.

With opening narration from actors Ajay Devgn and Kajol, it hit the screens on Frida