SRK: Smell better after making love!


By Hindustan Times

SRK is not just the King of Bollywood, he's also the baadshah of funny one-liners. This time his target was none other than Preity Zinta. Shah Rukh Khan who appeared on her show Up, Close and Personal was greeted by his Veer-Zaara co-star with a warm hug and a compliment, "Ah, you smell so good!".

She probably was ready for what's coming next. SRK replied, "I smell even better after making love".

Not only this, SRK had few more confessions in store for the host. The actor admitted to have played the role of a Bandar (Monkey) in Ramleela as a youngter.

Shah Rukh Khan also spoke about his upcoming film RA.One and revealed that a certain high-profile director is insecure about his movie breaking all box-office records. The person in question even asked King Khan to delay the film's release.

Well, any guesses who that person could be!