SRK shoots for Zor Ka Jhatka, briefly


By Hindustan Times

All those who thought that Shah Rukh Khan would be away from Mumbai, shooting for his new reality show Zor Ka Jhatka on Imagine, the desi adaptation of Wipeout, in Argentina, for most part of the month, will be in for a surprise.

The actor will be shooting for a very short duration at the actual action location, where all the other Wipeout shows so far have been shot. Khan, apparently, will watch the feed sent from the shoot to him in the city and he will shoot most of his portions sitting at a local studio in the city.

Shahrukh KhanWhen asked, Nikhil Madhok of Imagine, confirms the news and says, “Shah Rukh will travel for a very short span there and shoot some portions of the show. As of now, we’ve not frozen his schedule because he has just shot a promo for us and he’s busy with his home production and it is really taxing on him. But he will definitely shoot a small portion of the show in Argentina.”

It’s said that the actual package or capsule that comes on air in the first week of February might make it seem as if Khan had been on the sets all the time, watching the 30 celebrity contestants perform their stunts, because his reactions and instructions to co-host Saumya Tandon will appear as if they were ‘spot on’.

Bring this up and Madhok says that the format of the show is such that he will have to travel to the Latin American location, but not for the entire spell of the shoot. “There are some portions, which will be shot live and some will be produced here. A bit of everything will be clubbed for every capsule. This is something that you’ll understand when you watch the show,” he adds, stating that Khan will be the connecting point between the viewer and the actual contest.

It is rumoured that the show will be run twice a week. Madhok denies this, saying, “It’s a Monday to Friday, prime time show. I can’t disclose the number of episodes, but it will be one of our biggest prime time properties this year.”