By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 13 -- Good morning chocolate tarts! It's one of those mornings when I know I have a lot to do and I don't intend to do it because I'm just feeling under the weather. Ghabrane ki baat nahi hai, when I overexert, I feel this way. Anyway, I have a new padosi. I saw him shift in just this morning.

Hmm, he looks nice, Indian, and hot! So, I guess, I will drop the idea of dating Mr Rich from London for now. Naya padosi kya bura hai! But wait, in all this jhamela, I haven't forgotten to get you some masaledaar Bollywood gossip.

Here goes... Trust me, I wanna hurry up today because I have some new business to get started on. Wink!

Sher Lock Holmes has decided he'll fly to Dubai to shop for himself since he's running out of good clothes. While he does that, he's mailed me this piece of gup that's making rounds about Shahid Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan. Some time ago, we all heard that Sasha had stopped following King Khan on the social networking site Twitter.

And that had become a talking point because suddenly everyone felt some rivalry cropping up there... You know the Priyanka Chopra connection... She's Shah Rukh's die hard fan, and Sasha's 'good friend'. So jealousy it seems had taken charge.

Today my jasoos says there's no rivalry or jealousy between the two men in PC's life. In fact, Shahid has been telling everyone interested in hearing what he says, that he has bought a new mobile handset and is still trying to learn how it works. While he was at it, he mistakenly 'unfollowed' SRK on the site, which lead to a lot of hoo-haa in and outside of the industry. And now, he wants this to reach the superstar's ears so that he doesn't become unfriendly with him. Yeah, yeah! Whatever...