SRK, sari are a hit with Japanese designers!

By Hindustan Times

The visiting Japanese designers at the ongoing fashion week, say that they would like to have Shah Rukh Khan on their ramp and see Lady Gaga in an Indian sari.

Yu Yumada, producer of the Tokyo Culture exhibit that will put together a special show, Tokyo fashion week on Saturday, at the fashion week says, “Shah Rukh Khan is popular in Japan. His recent film Ra.One has inspired many Japanese robot toys. It will be fun to see him on ramp, I would dress him in typical print shirts, worn by Japanese comedians. He is a cool guy and will carry it well.”

Besides Bollywood, the visiting Japanese designers are also impressed with the Indian sari. “When Lady Gaga came to Japan last year she wore a kimono, but I think she would carry off a sari superbly,” says Hiroko Takahashi, designer, Hirocoledge, adding,