SRK to run metro


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 20 -- One more thing on RA.One, and I'll throw up! Today, Safedi Lal has Rukh Khan is up to this morning. He's travelling to Ludhiana and then to Delhi to promote his big-budget movie. So? Safedi says he's got dope that Mr Khan will be either operating a metro railway train between two stations, or merely travelling in it from one station to another.

Not just that, he's even getting the train decorated with his film's posters, cutouts and standees. All this because there is a longish sequence in the movie where his leading lady, Kareena Kapoor, becomes the engine driver and he, as the superhero, jumps from one compartment of the train on to another, via the roof.

Thank God, he won't be on the roof here. Otherwise, there'd be many who'd try it soon after and if something goes wrong, SRK will be blamed for it. Not fair on the man since he doesn't even get sleep these days.