SRK need some attention, eh?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 30 -- Good morning my prawn sushis! How does your Monday look? Bad question, hain na? But I'm on holiday, toh mujhe kuch farak nahi padta. I'm simply having a blast in east India. This Vijjy, my silver-bearded beau, has it all planned for us.

Anyway, this morning, one of Vijjy's khabroos called to tell him about Shah Rukh Khan and his attention seeking act. So basically, SRK was invited by Onir join them at the success party of I Am. Like a good to friend, he agreed to go, though he arrived slightly late.

When he reached the venue, he spotted someone already giving interviews to the media and getting clicked by the paparazzi. And this, Vijjy tells me, didn't go down well with King Khan. So he decided to sit inside his car till that celeb vanished from the area, and only after that did he get out and let the media interact with him. Hey bhagwaan! Ab main kya bolu? This Shah Rukh na, he needs to grow up! How much more attention and publicity does he want? Sigh!