SRK joins Facebook for his fans!


By Hindustan Times

Only a couple of days after Shah Rrukh Khan officially declared he's left Twitter for good, the star has decided to join Facebook, and it's primarily for his fans. SRK's Facebook page will be inaugurated today at 9pm IST.

The page will feature a documentary on K. Asif's epic film Mughal-e-Azam, reported Mumbai Mirror. And the Badshaah apparently planning to use his page to preserve other such classic films.

He hopes to get support from the Indian Government and film associations in the future who will come together to create a forum to preserve such classic films and use Facebook to reach out to a wider audience," a source told the tabloid.

Interestingly, SRK claims he isn't too good with dealing with people, which is why he decided to go off the microblogging site Twitter.

"To begin with, I don't know how to deal with people. And when I was on Twitter, people would ask me very intrusive questions. They would ask stuff that even my closest friends would not. I was sharing personal details on Twitter, including my kids' pictures, but after I realised it was getting too personal, I got back to my reclusive, unsocial self," SRK had told Hindustan Times.

"I don’t need to promote my films on Twitter," he added. He might have said he will not promote his films on Twitter but does that apply for Facebook as well? Wouldn't his fans want to know about his films Ra.One and Don 2. After all, he is joining for his fans!

So, how exactly does Shah Rukh plan to stay out of interacting with his fans without them asking too many personal questions. Well, we guess only time will tell.