SRK-Gauri: Waltz of love!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 24 -- Good morning masala pappadums! It's day two in Mamma Paradise. She's cooking for me, and it's not just food. It's gossip too. Nah! She doesn't dish out things that don't happen. She dishes out things that happen in a rather fun and happy manner. My momma is the best, hai na?

Anyway, enough of the maa-puraan. Let me tell you something that my khabri Sher Lock Holmes has fed my ears just now. Of course, he was scared of my mother, who is the unchallenged gossip queen before opening his mouth. But then, he's impressed my mother with this one. He says that Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri have decided to ensure that the world knows all is hunky dory between them. And there is no other 'Woh' between the Pati and Patni.

Basically, Sher Lock's buddy was at an after party for the Zee Cine Awards in Macau. The party continued for hours after the usual invitees had left. Eventually, it was the top brass from the broadcasting company that was around with the stars. A mix of Bollywood songs and international classics was playing. SRK stood up, and asked his wife for a dance.

She agreed, in the typical Yash Chopra-romantic film style and the two started to waltz. Slowly, the lights were dimmed and the couple continued to look into each other's eyes and danced till the wee hours. They were seen sharing some ha-ha moments and some uber romantic ones too. Awww, that reminds me I still haven't found my Mr Right to waltz with him like these two. But wait, I just wish this dance settles all the rumours about them splitting.