SRK: 'Arjun always knew it'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 8 -- Reports are rife that actor-producer Shah Rukh Khan snipped his RA.One villain to size, literally. SRK, who was also involved with the editing in the capacity of the producer, snipped villain Arjun Rampal's role to 20 minutes from a longer screen time.

Arjun had lost a couple of kilos to get into the rubber bodysuit designed for RA.One, and also got a body tattoo inked from head to toe for his character. But everyone who has watched the movie would agree that Arjun's screen time was lesser than what they had expected.

"Arjun always knew it. He knew from the beginning what the script was and how much time he was going to get on screen. He prepared himself really well to play RA.One and was the perfect choice for the role," says Shah Rukh, adding, "Arjun worked hard on his body and on building his character. He was phenomenal. We executed what we planned."

When asked to comment on rumours making the rounds that their friendship has soured because of the less screen time, the actor-producer says it's too low for him to even comment on. "Frivolous and mindless gossip has always been around. But usually, 13-year-olds fall for it. I'm a little older. I have nothing to clear further," adds Shah Rukh, who turned 46 on November 2, last week.

Arjun and Shah Rukh have been friends for a couple of years now. Shah Rukh was invited to interview Lady Gaga recently when she performed at Arjun's Delhi nightspot Lap that hosted the recent F1 parties. Before RA.One, the actors have worked together in SRK's home production, Om Shanti Om in 2007. "Sometimes, when I observe my kids (Aryan and Suhana), I find them having gossip session. I'm amused by what they discuss. But they don't take gossip seriously. As for the question, Arjun and I are friends and colleagues and that equation is beyond all this loose talk."