SRK-Aamir: What's in a dig?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 29 -- Good morning my plums and peaches! How goes it this morning? I'm lazing in my gulabi satins today and enjoying the sight of the barsaat tak dhina dhin from my mammoth window, while sipping hot kahwa. It seems to be a nice day ahead, since I haven't heard from that moronic Madhu my mottu maid who suddenly resurfaced in my life.

Ditto that silver-bearded maniac Vijjy who has nothing except me on his mind. Sometimes, attention can be very scary. Anyway, my khabris have been on their jobs and have returned this morning in my den with some piping hot, masaledaar khabars from B-town's gallis and mohallas. Here you go...

For starters, today Sher Lock Holmes is in high spirits. Prod him and he says he has some sort of a coup involving Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, who certainly aren't each other's best buddies. I want to know, pronto! Sher Lock says that a certain stand-up comic turned actor Vir Das did something smart to save his skin from Aamir's wrath. What's the connection?

Sher Lock says Vir has been cast in Delhi Belly and understandably needs more such movies on his CV. My jasoos adds that he has a stand-up comedy show called History Of India in which he usually makes random digs at Aamir. Recently, the perfectionist decided to attend one of the shows. Mr Vir should be called Paramvir because he instantly changed the script and made digs at Shah Rukh Khan to please the producer.

And what did Aamir have to say? Jasoos says he was laughing aloud and clapping at the jokes. Well, one producer who's not offering you work in future Mr Param-Vir, certainly, is SRK. Win some, lose some?