SOTY: Launch pad of the year!

By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 19 -- As surprising as it may seem, KJo hasn't directed as many films as one would imagine. This, his fifth in 14 years, comes after his last, My Name Is Khan (2010). Rumours claim that the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer has become a case study for those studying how to promote a film so much that it can't possibly flop.


Vishal-Shekhar The music has largely received positive reviews and, on an even wider scale, made its way into all Bollywood party albums. Fast numbers like 'Disco deewane' and 'Vele vele' are what reviews call "youthful and entertaining" songs.


The film has been making news about its three debutants for a long, long time now. But it's a few years too soon for the star kids to be stirring up trouble. Wait till they begin signing their second films.


Karan Johar has f