Sooraj rushes back to Mumbai to report to the cops



Being out on bail is not the easiest space to be in. So Sooraj Pancholi discovered when he had to rush back from Hyderabad to be in Mumbai in time for his attendance at the police station.

Says a source close to Sooraj, "Sooraj is getting back to his normal life. He has started going to the gym again. He meets and talks with his cousins. But it isn't easy to get into a regular life when you have to report at the police station every alternate day."

Apparently, this procedure of reporting every alternate day would continue for a month.

Sooraj in the meanwhile, refuses to talk about his experiences in prison to anyone.

Says his father Aditya Pancholi, "I think Suraj first needs to sort out the whole experience in his own head before he begins to share it with us. We don't ask him about it. He'll tell us what he wants to when he wants. Our boy hasn't been on a picnic. What he has gone through has changed his life forever. And we won't forgive those who have done this to him."