Sonu Sood forced to opt out of Zanjeer


By Hindustan Times

Actor Sonu Sood had to opt out of his role as Sher Khan, in the remake of Zanjeer, after he injured his leg. However, Sonu is taking this mishap in his stride.

“Every role has its own destiny. I guess I was not destined to play Sher Khan. I’ve no regrets. I just want the film to do really well for my good friend (director) Apoorva Lakhia.” The film’s current schedule involving busy stars Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra and Ramcharan, was placed into crisis with Sonu’s leg injury. “Director Apoorva Lakhia had two choices. He could either cancel the schedule which would’ve meant heavy losses as the co-ordinated dates of these busy stars would’ve been near-impossible to obtain, or he could replace Sonu Sood. Lakhia opted for the latter option, but only after taking Sonu into confidence,” said a source close to the project.