SONG REVIEW: Salman-Katrina's steamy number Mashallah!

By Hindustan Times

If you thought Katrina's shimmies in Sheila Ki Jawaani were to die for, you should certainly watch the seductress belly-dance in Ek Tha Tiger's first released song Mashallah.

The song begins with Salman 'Tiger' Khan strutting down the streets of Istanbul while a very Arabic tune begins to play in the background. The hunt is on as the agent follows the mystery woman as she leads him on the narrow alleys of the Middle East. No points for guessing who the veiled lady with the mystic eyes is.

As Tiger pulls the veil, the lady begins to cast her spell with her moves.

While the vocals don't begin for almost a minute, we don't mind because we're too busy ogling at the eye candy. Salman may be as rigid as a rod in his dance s