Sonam-Shahid: Write choice!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 11 -- And now, it's K.One asking for attention. He wants me to know something about Sonam Kapoor. Arrey! That girl usually tells the world everything she does through her webpages. But K.One insists that he knows something that no one knows. It seems that Shahid Kapoor, her Mausam co-star, is in awe of her.

Arrey, doesn't that happen on every movie set? K.One says that he not only finds Sonam a jhakaas-looking girl, but he also feels that she writes extremely well and at some point, she must consider writing a book. How does he know of her talent? It seems the two were made to write letters to each other before they started shooting Mausam, to get into character. So now, he adores her looks and her pen-skills. Hmm, some mutual admiration that!