Sonam-Shahid: Split wide promos


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 5 -- Oh, now I have to tell you something my jasoos from Juhu's by-lanes has murmured in my ears just now. He insists that all is well between Sonam and Shahid Kapoor. The Mausam lead pair was supposedly not on talking terms and had mutually decided to go their separate ways to promote the movie. In fact, it's said that this is the reason Sonam didn't accompany Shahid to Dubai where the film is being promoted at the moment.

My jasoos however swears that Sonam was asked to stay back in the city because there were scenes in the movie that she had to redub. Apart from that, there were other assignments of hers that didn't let her take the flight with Shahid. So, now Shahid and she have decided very amicably to move to as many platforms as possible on their own to promote their movie.