Sonam, Rhea tease me for being a star: Arjun Kapoor

By Hindustan Times

How have things changed within the Kapoor household after your success?
Both Anil and Sanju chachu (Sanjay Kapoor) tease me saying, ‘Arrey, you have become a star now. You don’t have time (for us).’

And your cousins — Sonam and Rhea?
They do it too. Of late, I haven’t had much time to hang out with them. Earlier, I used to make fun of Sonam, but now I understand her dilemma. I would tease her that she was only interested in looking good all the time. But now I know what it feels like. They are all very happy for me.

How close are you to Anil Kapoor?
I admire him. Anil chachu has always been one step ahead of everyone else. A few days ago, he came back (from shooting) and was telling me, ‘You look so good.’ So I said, ‘Chachu, I know yo