Sonam Kapoor: Paani poori re...


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Dec. 27 -- Lalach buri balaa, someone explain this to this Missy, whines my maid Munni. She says Sonam Kapoor, a self-proclaimed foodie who lives to eat, was shooting a capsule for a show called Superstar Santa.

Now, a paani puriwala was called over to serve the unit members. She couldn't resist the golgappas and stalled the shoot to binge on them. She continued to eat to her heart's content.

The vendor was happy and surprised to see a heroine eat the way she did, without any hesitation or second thoughts. I should just remind her that all her workouts will go down the drain if she continues on this binge spree on all her sets. Gosh! Grow up, girl!