Sonam Kapoor mimes for a photoshoot!


By Hindustan Times

Sonam Kapoor is graceful and gutsy, fiesty and already a fashionista.

She has often made headlines about her carefree and outladish style. In her latest photoshoot with Rohan Shrestha, she stuns with the 'mime' way.

Sonam Kapoor, 27, might not have gathered hefty accolades for her acting potential but is a favourite for her fashion prowess.

Her varying styles from a bohemian chick to a retro beauty to a stylish diva at Cannes film festival this year, she has donned many-a-styles and she has donned them well.

This time around, she has surprised everyone with a rare theme, that of a mime artiste, for her latest photoshoot with fashion photographer Rohan Shrestha.

Dressed in the mime colours of black and white, Sonam Kapoor is dancing and swaying to a beautiful French song while the photographer is letting his camera work.

Sonam is wearing a striped black and white top with high waisted black pants. Her mime look gets completed by closed leather shoes with laces and suspenders- belts that are synonymous with the art of mime.

Sonam's face and neck are painted white with a tear trickling down her one cheek. She is spotting a beret on her head with her hair tied in a bun, making her look like a Frenchwoman.

The entire video is a sequence of poses Sonam is giving for the camera. But by the looks of it, she had a lot of fun shooting for the pictures.
Sonam Kapoor in her mime avatar

Sonam Kapoor is currently working on her upcoming movie, Raanjhana along with the Kolaveri singer Dhanush.

With choosing this forgotten and rare art of mime, Sonam definitely has earned some brownie points with the art communities, and makes for some pictures to be cherished for a lifetime.

This is what some of her followers on Twitter said:

Padma Subramanian @ABlueTweetBird
@RohanShrestha It looks pretty awesome!! I like the photographs :) @sonamakapoor amazing performance!

Fouzia Sahli @sahlifouzia @RohanShrestha @sonamakapoor @tanya1ghavri @soninamrata Just waouw!

Fozia Rasul @foziarasul
@RohanShrestha @sonamakapoor @tanya1ghavri @soninamrata liked the shoot... liked ur shoes even more.

atrayee choudhury @atraychoudhury
@RohanShrestha @sonamakapoor @tanya1ghavri @soninamrata Saw it in youtube its beyond brillliant! Proves again how talented Sonam is<3