Sonam Kapoor I’m in love with Delhi!


By Hindustan Times

In the last few days, we’ve only been hearing of Delhi for the wrong reasons… the rapes, abandoned babies, murders… everyone has started to think it’s a negative place which is aggressive and dangerous. So I thought it would be nice to go over the positives about Delhi. Because I truly believe
that beyond all that negativity, Delhi is a beautiful city with so many positive aspects and so much life in it! We from Mumbai constantly compare Delhi and Mumbai, but the two cities are so different that you just can’t measure one against the other.

I love Delhi for so many reasons... I have family there, its open spaces, and how it actually gives you a chance to dress up... And there is so much history in the city, it’s awe inducing. The history of Old Delhi is so strong, there’s never enough of it you can get… and even New Delhi has so many stories to tell. Besides being the Capital, I love the energy about the city… it’s always buzzing, whether it’s Chandni Chowk or Karim’s or a party at Sainik Farms. I love the farmhouse parties, a drive around Aurangzeb Road, the Qutub Minar… every corner of the city is so different and so fascinating. And, the most amazing thing about Delhi is the food … anywhere you go. My favourite places are Karim’s, Bengal Sweet House, Parathewaali gali, the whole of Chandni Chowk and its lovely eating places, the dhabas in JNU, Nizamuddin … and the aloo bhonda at Ganga Dhaba, which I tasted recently and I’m a die hard fan of. Obviously besides the local fare you have amazing fine dining. Imperial, The Leela and Taj have my favourite restaurants.

Delhi is the fashion capital of India and all the major designers are based in the city, besides Indian designer wear and malls like Dlf, CTC Plaza etc.. Karol Bagh, Connaught Place and Chandni Chowk markets can make you super fashionable on a budget. There is
something for everyone. And contrary to what they say, Delhi has a major nightlife and it’s absolutely amazing —
The roads are lovely and the drives are crazy — I’m spoilt for choice. You don’t get all that in Mumbai!