Sonam Kapoor-Anil Kapoor: Feeling hot, hot, hot!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 2 -- Oh man! I'm finding this piece of news really 'jhakaas'. Guess what? K.One has now started following Sonam Kapoor. And the first piece of news he gets me is that the girl has started on a form of yoga called Hot Yoga, which is performed with minimal light clothes in a closed room where the temperature would be set to anything between 40 and 50 degrees. The body perspires, and in turn, glows and feels rejuvenated.

After the massive gym sessions to cut kilos, I'm wondering why does Sonam need this now? Turns out that she's decided to follow her daddy's footsteps. It seems her father Anil Kapoor's secret of 'nikhri sundarta' and 'bejod jawani' is this 'Hot Yoga'. Oooooo!