Sonam kapoor, Abhay Deol kiss and make-up?



Abhay Deol, after the release of Aisha (2011), took a dig at Sonam by saying how in the film styling was given undue importance. Though, Sonam preferred not to lose her cool about it, her dad Anil Kapoor, burst out on a popular chat show hosted by Karan Johar. The war of words went further with Anil saying that Abhay “needs help” and Abhay retorting by calling Anil a “waste of time”. Now it seems that the actors have made up.

Abhay, who will be next seen in a special appearance in the Sonam-Dhanush-starrer Raanjhanaa, holds no grudges. “It’s all fine between me and Sonam now. We both let bygones be bygones. We resolved our issues and have buried the hatchet,” says Abhay.

“When Raanjhanaa came our way, we were excited to work together. The fact that we are familiar with each other was to our advantage when we worked together in the film.”

Abhay and Sonam have also discussed how the controversy will once again be dug up. “While shooting, Sonam and I had spoken about how we were going to be asked about the controversy. We are prepared to face it,” says Abhay.

Not only have Sonam and Abhay found friends in each other, but the latter also met Anil Kapoor. However, Abhay, who is reluctant to give out too many details about the meeting only says, “Yes, I also met Anil. I bumped into him at a party.”