Sonam Kapoor’s friends star-struck by Farhan Akhtar


By Hindustan Times

For the last one month, Sonam Kapoor has been busy shooting for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (BMB) in Rajasthan and Delhi. In fact, when the trailer of the film released, Sonam and Farhan Akhtar were still busy wrapping up the final bits of the movie. And looks like the trailer did generate interest, as a
source close to Sonam tells us that the actor was inundated with requests by her girlfriends and extended family to meet Farhan on the sets.

The source says, “After seeing Farhan as Milkha Singh, Sonam has been flooded with requests. All her friends have become fans of Farhan and they wanted to meet him.” In fact, the source says, that Sonam even began teasing Farhan about this. “Sonam changed her display picture on one of the chat groups on her phone to a picture of Farhan from the film. Her phone didn’t stop ringing after that,” the source adds.

We’re told that Sonam eventually succumbed to the pressure from her friends and invited them on the sets. The source says, “About 32 people came on the sets and met with Farhan. He spent time with all of them,” adding that Sonam explained to her friends all that Farhan did to achieve this look. “Sonam really looks up to Farhan because of the amount of hard work he put in for this film,” the source says.