Sonam behind Deepika-Siddharth break-up?


By Hindustan Times

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it is believed that Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya have parted ways. According to a tabloid, Mallya Jr even confided in a friend that "the relationship is not working and heading nowhere." Sonam Kapoor's name has apparently been dragged into the much-in-news 'break-up'. Rumour mills are going overboard that Sonam is behind the couple’s split.

A TV news channel has claimed that the Director of United Breweries is now trying to woo the 26-year-old.

Sonam Kapoor laughed off the dating reports saying, "Okay morning guys I'm not mad at Shahid Kapoor or Punit Malhotra and I'm not dating anyone! I'm minding my own business and working," she posted on Twitter.

"I'm hearing the funniest rumours about myself! In Thailand, and all I can say is I'm on the floor laughing," the Aisha actor had posted few days back.

Wonder how the rumours started in the first place!