Sonam abuses followers on Twitter!


By Hindustan Times

Sonam Kapoor believes in speaking her mind, even if it means using f*** word on Twitter. The actor recently shocked tweeple by abusing a couple of followers, when they doubted her acting skills.

It all started when some tweeple re-tweeted Anil Kapoor's interview that said - 'star kids have to struggle more'.

Retweeting the story, a follower said, "'cos they generally have no talent," to which Sonam replied, "f**** off"

"@sonamakapoor Ah cool! We don't mind abuses anyway as long as they don't come in the form of bad films you sometimes star in. :)," said @JayHind in reply to Sonam.

In the interview, Anil Kapoor had said that star kids have it tough in the film industry as there are lot of expectations from them.

Anil told First Post, “It is a different kind of struggle that they have to do. Our struggle was different. Their struggle is that the expectations from them are more as they are celebrity kids. I feel their struggle is more than us.”

“I feel Sonam has had a fantastic journey. She did a lot of hard work. It is a different kind of struggle that they have to do. If they do something good, people still expect more. There is certain expectation from her as she is the child of a celebrity,” he said in the interview.

“When she did Sawariya and Delhi 6 people started saying she should wear fashionable clothes, she is doing Behenji type of roles. She does not have that thing. So when she did Aisha they were like… do that kind (de-glamorised type) of a film. She has proved herself, from Sawariya till now,” Kapoor said.

“She has done de-glamorised roles in films like Mausam and others but people forget that and talk about her fashion. Fashion is also an art, you don’t have to look down upon it. It is a big business and there is more money in it than films,” Anil said.

“The way she chooses colours or pattern, there is a certain art in that, she has that sense inherently. You either have it or don’t. She is blessed with that talent, where she has great aesthetic sense, her grace, her beauty, the way she presents herself,” the proud father said.